About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa.


As a busy working mom of two, I know how hard it is to put yourself first.  After years of failed dieting, little sleep and zero energy, I decided to take back control of my life – starting from the inside, out. My mission is to help empower other women to do the same.


1:1 Coaching


You don’t need to go to the extremes to reach your goals; you just need to be consistent.  So after we set your goals, I’m here to keep you on track.


Simplified nutrition materials will help you understand how to work with your body, not against it.


Lean on me and ask questions so I can best guide you through challenges and help you achieve success.


Sometimes we all need a little boost!  I promise to celebrate your successes and be your hype woman, especially during bumps in the road.

what is a nutrition coach?

Your personal educator and motivator

As your nutrition coach, I am your personal advocate for living a life full of energy and fulfillment.  I work with clients to help them build happy and healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun and free from guilt and restriction.  By working together, we will uncover the food and lifestyle choices that allow you to hit your goals and feel amazing!

Who is coaching for?

No more guilt, restriction, or starting over

In my coaching practice, I focus on helping women prioritize their health and wellness.  My coaching program is designed to give you the skills, confidence and freedom to live an energetic, purpose-driven life.  If you are ready to take back control of your health, improve your relationship with food and hit your goals once and for all, you’re in the right place.  Fill out the form below and let’s connect!

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I can’t wait to hear from you.